I began reading an article in a regional business magazine written by a well-known local entrepreneur...

while waiting to interview for a job, fresh out of university in 2017.

The article was about the proliferation of data, and how it could (really should) be used to unlock value otherwise skipped over by conventional business processes. The article touched on AI, cloud, and the implication data will continue to amass due to trends like IoT. The author's previous article focused on quantum computing. The writing was good, and mostly about getting past the technology, and assessing possible new outcomes.

What struck me, however, is that the author's foundational success is in the Seafood business - physical, capital heavy work. A path which perhaps harkens more an image of 'captain of industry' than 'SV visionary'.

Yet bleeding edge technology is a years-long theme woven throughout his column. That day I didn't get the job, but became a dedicated reader becuase of the scope of interest, curiosity to learn (especially outside of core domains), and humility shown in the process of writing the column.

However, the formatting used to digitally publish his articles varies over the years, so the website only partially indexes his column. So, I wrote a webscraper, and compiled the article links old => new. Well worth it for my own purposes. But I hope you venture to find something to read, from clams to qubits, and are made to think.

Title Published Date
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A watershed moment 2018-01-4
A navel gaze 2018-03-5
Profit is not a dirty word 2018-04-27
Canada: A country worth fighting for 2018-07-4
An open letter to our four premiers 2018-08-23
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