Thoughts of... Kyle Connolly

The Most Valuable Commodity

May 28, 2019

Money makes the world go round

…but does it?

There are sayings often said along the lines of “time is the most valuable commodity” and “time is money”. Combine the two and we’ve got the grounds of the first epigram.

We can notice these beliefs in many scenarios: people taking new jobs solely for an increased salary, students selecting education based on program duration rather than its content, 90-second microwavable meals.

What if:

  • The new job wreaks havoc on your ethics?
  • The condensed education underwhelmingly cultivates knowledge?
  • The meal from the microwave is laden with carcinogenics?

Trust is the most valuable commodity

If we move through business or life absent of trust, our wells of time and money are easily poisioned. Cultivate trust with your customers in every interaction. Vet the vendors you procure. If time is money, and money makes the world go round; the world spins on a rod of trust.